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How Network Infrastructure Can Help You Teach Better

Network infrastructure is one of the most important investments you can make to provide better education, so it pays to shop around before you hand it over


When it comes time to upgrade your school’s existing network, you may be faced with many decisions: What systems do we need? Can they be set up for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)? Who do we chose? Will it be expensive to install? How would a new network help us teach better? It can be overwhelming trying to match your teaching and data-storage needs to your budget, given the vast amount of options available.


Techspot can help by auditing your existing setup, then working with your needs and desires to design a system that works for you not only now, but well into the future, thanks to our constant monitoring and remote access response.


Unlike others out there, we build our business on premium service. We take care of you from the moment you call us, and with the most competitive prices in the industry, we recognise the importance of maintaining a cost effective solution.


Technology is constantly changing the way we teach. Tablets such as iPads allow increased engagement with pupils like never before.


A 2012 study by Pearson Education found that well over 60% of high school and university students said that using iPads in the classroom helped them study and learn more efficiently


This is in addition to saving paper, schoolbag weight and saving money for students on annual textbook fees, thanks to readily available eBooks.


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