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Is Windows 10 Right for Your Organisation?

Windows 10 is the latest and most-hyped release of Windows yet. After the somewhat dismal Windows 8 and 8.1 that were touch-optimised. With most running on Laptops and PCs without touch input leading to subsequent frustration, Microsoft has supposedly raised the bar tenfold with their latest operating system. 

Upgrading – It’s free! 
The first thing you’ll notice with Windows 10, is that it is completely free to upgrade.
From your existing Windows 7 or 8.1 computer or tablet you can get Windows 10 free of charge! Microsoft is offering this upgrade for one year following the initial release date of July 28 – so you have until July 2016 to decide if you want to make the switch or not!

Rolling It Back 
One of the most common questions when installing a new OS is whether you can go back to the old one. With Windows 10, this is as easy as ever – provided you don’t delete the original folder containing the Windows settings – Windows 10 has built-in a simple rollback so you or your IT specialist can return your system to it’s previous state should you encounter any issues.

Unfortunately, if you are still using XP or Vista as some firms are, the upgrade to Windows 10 isn’t free and will cost approximately $200~$400/edition depending on whether you buy the Home Edition or Professional Edition. If you are on these systems currently, the upgrade may not be wise, as you will likely be running specialist software that may not be compatible with 10.

In this situation, it would be wise to give us a call and see whether we can move you over to either 7 or 10 with a system upgrade for stability and performance, while retaining or upgrading your existing software.


So, is Windows 10 right for you?

If you are operating highly specialised software on an older version of Windows such as XP or Vista, and are weary of the costs invloved with upgrading your whole homegroup to 10, it may not be best to switch directly.

Contact your local network infrastructure specialist such as Techspot, and they can identify whether your software is compatible with the latest version of Windows.
If your system hasn’t seen an upgrade in a long time, moving to newer hardware will be a benefit to stability and efficiency while additionally presenting you with the opportunity to run Windows 7 or 10.

If you don’t have any XP or Vista-specific software, the upgrade may be one you will highly enjoy over earlier versions of Windows. The numerous new productivity features, performance improvements and visuals makes the Windows 10 a sweet deal! However, it would be wise to get in touch with us in order to make sure you won’t lose any data or functionality during the switch!

Whether your firm is a large multi-branch company or small business, know the need for a stable and reliable network and computer system

At Techspot we carry out an audit and have personal, face-to-face meetings with you in order to establish just what we can do to improve your network reliability, safety and efficiency

If you’d like to see whether your school or business can benefit from Windows 10 or not, give us a call! 



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